TIPS ON PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR A 360 tour or video session

Please do the following to make sure the shoots go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Also, keep in mind that the camera see’s everything.  Especially the 4k cameras that we use.  


So, it will pay off greatly in selling your listing (in both time and price) if you and/ or your client take the time to clean the space to be shot.


Keep the following in mind:

    1.   A clean house photographs the best and sells the best.  Not only much faster but also at a much higher price.
    2.  Clutter or “Stuff” distracts from what you are trying to do… Sell the HOME.
    3  Remember, high end equipment like we use can pick up the smallest pieces of dust.  The equipment shoots the space “exactly as it looks”.  How that “looks”, is up to you and the home owner.  We can correct some stuff in post production, but it is much easier to start with a clean and uncluttered space.


The TWO MUST DO things in order to get the best quality end product are:

    1.  Clean up and hide the clutter in a closet or someplace that is not visible.
    2.  Good lighting is the key to any photo or video production.  Period. To that end, replace all burned out bulbs inside and outside the home.  Try to keep all light bulbs the same type within a room (led, incandescent, etc.).



• Make sure the floors are visible and CLEAN.  Remove any removable rugs or runners.
• Remove as much furniture, decorations and “clutter” as possible.  All of these things can make the space look smaller.
• Wash all windows, mirrors and glass surfaces.
• Open ALL blinds & shades, turn ON ALL lights and turn OFF ALL ceiling fans.


• Remove remote controls & reading material.
• Hide cables and cords.
• Clean bookshelves and china cabinets of “clutter”, personal photos, etc.
• If you have a dinning room table consider setting it with nice settings and centerpiece.

• Clean ALL stuff off counters
• Clean the counters and major appliances completely.
• Make sure sink is empty, no dishes in sight and trash can is hidden.


• Make the beds and straighten pillows and throws.
• Clean up - all clothes and shoes in the closet or dresser and stuff off bedside tables.
• Make sure children's rooms are clean, toys away and walls cleared of pictures, drawings, etc.


• Clean it well!  Make sure mirrors are clean and toilet seat is down.
• Put all toiletries, toilet papers, shaving & hair equipment away.  Counter tops should be bare.  Nothing should be visible including the toilet brush.
• Make the shower is clean.
• Towels folded and straight on towel racks.


Park / Move all auto's, bikes and boats off property and a few houses down. This is important for the aerial footage.

• Pick up all items in the driveway & yard (tools, toys, etc.) and garbage / recycle containers and place somewhere they will not be seen.

• Make sure landscape is done (lawn mowed, weeds pulled, etc.)

• Turn on any water features in the yard, pool and spa are on.

• Make sure all 'pet presents' are picked up from the lawn.

• Make sure pool and spa are clean, swept and skimmed and pool cleaners / skimmers are removed from pool / spa.

• Turn on all pool / spa lights.  Make sure all are working before shoot.

• Set up patio furniture & set the scene (towels, umbrellas, etc.)


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