If you receive a final product from KUULIO / KUULIO llc that do not meet the scope of the project desired due to the fault of the photographer / videographer*, we will work with you to determine why and fix the issue.

After we have made every effort to get you the final product you need, if we still cannot agree on a final product, KUULIO / KUULIO llc. stands behind our guarantee and will refund your money in full.​


Please note, the guarantee does not apply to things outside of the control of KUULIO / KUULIO llc. such as, but not limited to, home decor and furnishings, weather, and a non-photo/video ready home or property as described in our 'shoot preparation' sheet.  KUULIO / KUULIO llc. cannot guarantee that our product will sell the home.  There are to many of factors that go into the successful sale of a home to single out one reason for not selling, many of which are beyond the control of KUULIO / KUULIO llc.


If you chose to have photos taken in inclement weather this guarantee does not apply.  Please review the weather policy.


*Please review KKULIO / KUULIO llc.'s terms and conditions for further details.


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KUULIO is based out of Scottsdale and provides real estate professionals with the best VALUE in real estate

virtual & aerial media.  Our $249 'KUULIO DEAL'

for ANY SIZE PROPERTY  has set a new standard.

Our clients satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

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