weather policy

Although bad weather is rare, it does happen.  In the event of unfavorable weather the day of your shoot, you may reschedule our next available opening.  We will make every attempt to get you in before that scheduled time, but no guarantee can be made.


You may also proceed with the shoot as scheduled regardless.  In this case understand that your 360 VR tour, videos and aerial photographs will reflect the weather conditions at the time of the shoot - clouds, etc.  Opting for this also voids the KUULIO guarantee.


In some severe weather conditions we cannot risk damage to the camera equipment or drones and will not be able to shoot.  In those instances your shoot will rescheduled for our next available opening.


MON - SAT  8am - 5pm

480 - 546 - 1457

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virtual & aerial media.  Our $249 'KUULIO DEAL'

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Our clients satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

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